43.2 Million Reasons to Be Using Video in Your Marketing

I’ve been busy shooting videos recently.

It doesn’t suit everyone, shooting videos, I get that - and it’s taken me a while to get used to it.

But once you get over the initial fear of looking a total numpty and realise it doesn’t need to be a blockbuster production, it becomes good fun. I enjoy it now and find myself always on the lookout for topics or locations that could make for an interesting and helpful little video.

Thing is, there’s knowledge and insight you have in your head, relating to your business and the market you’re in, that your customers and prospects would find valuable.

The stuff you know about what you do and what you sell might seem obvious to you, but I assure you it’s not obvious to the people you help.

And sharing what you know is a great way to position yourself as the go-to expert in your field.

So why share it on video?

Well, it’s true there are any number of ways you can share your expertise - like publishing a book for instance. That works wonders.

But I saw some interesting research earlier this month that highlights how valuable it can be to use videos in your marketing.

In 2017, some 43.2 million people in the UK will watch digital video content via any device at least once a month.

That’s 65.1% of the population - more people than actually use a smartphone.

And before you protest that the growth in video is because of the youngsters - that’s not true. Much of the recent growth is coming from older people who are now starting to catch up with younger age groups.

So there. Your customers are watching online videos. Why not make sure they’re watching yours?

It’s food for thought, innit.