Why should anyone care about your business?

I once heard someone describe a poster he has on his office wall.

It reads: "Welcome to Nobody Cares. Population: 7 billion"

It's there to remind him of one of the most important things he needs to do for his business.

Fact is, most business owners make a huge mistake when they talk about their business.

Simply put, they focus on entirely the wrong thing, look at the wrong side of the equation.

One of my mentors likes to remind me that a prospective customer only ever has three questions:

  • Why should I choose you?
  • Can you do something for me that none else can?
  • Or can you do something better than anyone else?

It's really not rocket science this marketing lark. Answer those questions and you're off to the races.

Trouble is, most businesses don't.

That's what this video is all about - with some empirical evidence it's true:


See, if you make this mistake, you're asking your prospect to do something most humans HATE to do - in fact, it's hard-wired.

You're asking them to THINK, to figure out for themselves how your product or service might help them get where they want to be. And then take a leap of faith.

If it works, it's more by good luck than good judgement. Your marketing efforts are little more than a crapshoot, with scant chance of success.

You could make life a lot easier for yourself by taking a different approach.