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How the little things can make a big difference

Who was it who said “Don’t sweat the small stuff”? I guess he had the best of intentions (I’m pretty sure it was a ‘he’). And, yes, I know it’s all about context. Yada yada. Thing is, as far as your business goes, sometimes focusing on the small stuff is exactly what you need to […]

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Why it is your duty to sell what you do

If I hadn’t laughed, I’d probably have cried. I’ve been running some Facebook campaigns recently, which have been doing very well - getting lots of positive response and, hopefully, providing great value to my audience. Anyway, a couple of days ago someone signed up to get a copy of ‘17 Ways to Grow Your Business […]

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Why should anyone care about your business?

I once heard someone describe a poster he has on his office wall. It reads: "Welcome to Nobody Cares. Population: 7 billion" It's there to remind him of one of the most important things he needs to do for his business. Fact is, most business owners make a huge mistake when they talk about their business. […]

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A valuable lesson from the Comedy School of Marketing

You’ve got to hand it to them. Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton outdid even their own high standards with the latest series of Inside No.9 on BBC Two. If you’ve not seen it, each episode is 30 minutes of deliciously dark tragi-comedy in the mould of Roald Dahl’s Tales of the Unexpected. Genius. The last […]

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Want to know the best time to sell anything to anyone?

There's an important lesson here... While I was out gallivanting with my two boys recently I took the chance to shoot this quick video - because there's an ideal time to sell anything to anyone, a perfect window of opportunity to grow your business with minimum effort... And many, if not most, businesses miss it entirely. Including […]

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Is this unusual quality your secret to success?

The other day I had dinner in Knutsford with my friend & business associate Chris. Knutsford’s a small, affluent town - it boasts one of just six McLaren car dealerships in the UK - but it’s not a pretentious place. Tight-knit and friendly… and stuffed to the gills with places to eat and drink. If you […]

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How to grow your business with free publicity

Here's a thought... Getting press coverage is one of the best ways to promote your business for free. I've been on the publicity trail with my new book recently, and figured there must be a way that you could profit from my publicity too. And maybe there is... After getting some great coverage I thought I'd […]

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How you can take advantage of my publicity

Here's a thought... I've been getting some good publicity for my new book recently, and figured there must be a way that you could benefit from it too. Well, maybe there is... After getting great coverage in my local newspaper I thought I'd share some tips on how you could do the same, based on […]

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How to make sure Brexit doesn't matter

Nine months ago I published this video. It was a response to the Brexit vote - and the UK's decision to leave the EU. Now Prime Minister Theresa May has officially put the wheels in motion by triggering Article 50. And my attitude to the whole bally farrago remains the same. Whatever your political views, there are […]

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