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What you need to know about internet marketing in 2016

Noticed anything odd on Google recently? Well, on Monday 22 February something pretty seismic happened. Seismic, but not surprising if you've been paying attention. I'll come back to that in a mo. The thing is, in a bitter twist of irony, if you market your business effectively, using proven strategies that get results, you need […]

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How to craft a marketing message that stands out

This might not surprise you. It's widely accepted* that us commoners are exposed to more than 5000 marketing messages each day. But let's dig a little deeper, with some research published by Media Dynamics Inc. in 2014. Of those 5000+ some 362 are actual adverts - i.e. not just a logo, brand name, inane tweet […]

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10 Places to Find Free Pictures for Facebook

90% of all information transmitted to our brains is visual. So when they say that a picture paints 1000 words, they're not wrong. The images you use in your marketing can make a critical difference, especially when it comes to web content and Facebook advertising, where great visuals are essential for grabbing attention. But finding […]

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